Posted by: Nven | March 6, 2009


I made out like a bandit on my birthday a couple of weeks ago.  My friends are the most awesome of friends.  Thanks guys =)
Amongst the birthday loot was a drop spindle, 2 bags of top and some sari silk from Acidtrix and L33tM0nk3y.  My new addiction is completely their fault, in a good way. =)  I’d been wanting to try spinning for ages, regularly oogeling Craftster’s Fiber Fridays.  With the aide of Youtube I spun the unbleached Top.  The first 2 were with Acidtrix, then my sister in law and lastly my mom.  As you can see I already want to show my new toys to everyone!  You can see I crazy over spun all of them, but it starts to get better near then.  Also drafting made no sense to me, so the singles are more bulky than worsted.

Last Sunday my loving and awesome husband sent me to the Basic Spinning workshop at Ariadne, my LYS of choice.  Lucky me I was the only student that day and got Pollyanns undivided attention (that’s not true, there were babies everywhere getting everyone’s attention but it was close enough).  Drafting now makes sense!  Working with the same unbleached top I managed to spin something in a closer-to-worsted weight (the unevenness gives it character *wink*) and leaned 2 different plying techniques.
Sadly the stuff I spun when I got home wasn’t quite so even.  I think my error lies in my predrafting, pulling it too thin and then trying to compensate once I got going on the spindle.  My splicing is responsible for the rest of the unevenness.  But practice makes perfect!  And practice I will =)



  1. Woo, you are so welcome!
    hehe see we have nefarious ulterior motives… when you are the art-yarn queen I hope you remember us little folk and reward us with awesome knits made of funky homespun ^_^ hehehe or, you know, at least let us play with them…

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