Posted by: Nven | February 13, 2009

January’s FOs

I’d meant to post these ages ago but due to computer trouble couldn’t set the images cleaned up. Very shortly I’ll be getting my little beast some more ram so that its “beast” status isn’t lost and it can get along with CS4 (oh yeah!) better.

Cripsy Bacon: based of the Entrwined by Lee Meredith (, this was the last of the holiday knits and the first FO of Jan 09. Not my favourite project. The Cascade 220 wool on the 8mm needle called for on the pattern didn’t make gauge. I frogged it and restarted on a 6mm needle. I also worked in stockinette stitch rather than garter becuase I wanted clearer stripes. I added a seed stitch boarder hoping that would keep it from rollint up, but it didn’t. I loved the colours though.

Windbender Hat & Mittens: These were belated xmas gifts for my husband, a big Avatar fan. The hat is Turn a Square by Jared Flood (found on and the mittens are the Bad Habit Mittens from the Mitten wardrobe via Spun Magazine (an online zine which now seems to be offline sadly). The base brown is radmon stuff pulled from my stash. The teal is from a left over skein of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride. The arrows are duplicated stitched.

Cath’s Lekku: Long story, but this idea came about as we were running amuck in the vendor room at Gencon this last August. I used the Stocking Cap with Long Tail patter by Nathalie Godbout (found on, but CO down the middle at the start of the decrease rounds to make 2 tails in stead of one. The yarn is some red acrylic, as I wasn’t sure they’d come out at all. In hindsight it could have used some more shaping to make the tails curl to the back of the head before falling back. I should be giving them to her tonight. Depending on what she thinks I may try to adds somes stuffing to them to make the more… tentecaly.

Skinny Doctor Who Scarf: Using the season 12 pattern from Chris Brimelow ( and the left overs from the one I made my husband last year for xmas, the skinny Doctor Who scarf is born. I think I only CO 24 stitchs. Its a little over 9ft long (as I’d bought a lighter wieght yarn than the pattern called for… I didn’t know I had to convert from UK to Can weights, oops) and near the end had to start subing from my stash the colours which ran out. In the end I still have about 3 ball of yarn left.



  1. I like the airbender hat best! I want to see it on him ^_^

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