Posted by: Nven | February 6, 2009

Not been so photographic…

I’d have to say my photography suffered in 08. Between work, class and working on my husbands book (Old Frontiers) my photography got put to the side line. Only 2 projects come to mind as worth mentioning, both were the result of Photoshop courses I took as part of a certificate in publications & desktop publishing.

Tribal: These were digital collages. The models are some kind friends who let me shoot them in exchange for food, and the additional images are all things/textures I shot around the house.

Landscapes: All shots from our honeymoon in Costa rica (My first and only visit to someplace tropical, very awesome!) Each one is a different toning technique. From right to left, Infra red, split toning and nostaligic (a kind of hand colouring).

I figured out long ago that I wasn’t cut out for the commercial photography world. I like my soul where it is thank you very much. This year I’m hoping to get off my artistic but and start producing again. I can’t exactly show my work if I haven’t got anything to show.



  1. I love all these shots, but i’m partial to the infrared shot. its beautiful and dreamy. 🙂

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